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Telephone: (506) 2661-4717
Fax: (506) 2661-4712
Email: infoweb @ tropicalstudies.org
Telephone and e-mail directory of Palo Verde See organization chart

Palo Verde Biological Station is located in the Province of Guanacaste, 1 hour southwest of Bagaces on an unpaved road (28 km, 17 miles), from San José, it is 4:30 hours, from Puntarenas, 3 hours, and from Liberia 1:30 hours. To get there, take Route 1 (Carretera Interamericana) north from San José (follow signs towards Nicaragua) to Bagaces. Once you arrive at Bagaces, go south west on the unpaved road opposite to the gas station. The gravel road is rough and requires slow travel. You will encounter several forks in the road, follow signs.

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Palo Verde Staff Directory (Phone: (506)2661-4717)

Department Position Name E-mail Ext:
Station Direction        
  Station Direction Rebecca Cole
rebecca.cole @ tropicalstudies.org 4100
  Station Administrator Gilberto Murillo gilberto.murillo @ tropicalstudies.org 4200
Information Management        
  Administrator of Informatics for Biodiversity and GIS Informatics Juan Serrano juan.serrano @ tropicalstudies.org 4101
  Cook Carlos Castro López   4202
  Cook Romelio Campos   4202
Natural History        
  Naturalist Guide Gustavo Rodríguez gustavo.rodriguez @ tropicalstudies.org 4000
  Head of Maintenance Salomón Bermúdez salomon.bermudez @ tropicalstudies.org 4203
  Reception   recepcion.pv @ tropicalstudies.org 4000
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