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Telephone: (506) 2773-4004
Fax: (506) 2773-4109
Email: infoweb @ tropicalstudies.org
Telephone and e-mail directory of Las Cruces See organization chart

Las Cruces Biological Station is located in the Pacific highlands of southern Costa Rica, 287 kilometers (178 miles) southeast of the capital city of San José. The drive by car from San José takes a minimum of 4.5 hours (without stopping). From Downtown San Jose, go east toward San Pedro and find the Interamerican Highway South (Route No. 2) Stay on this highway, passing Cerro de la Muerte Before descinding to San Isidro del General. Then head tower Buenos Aires, and after you have passed Buenos Aires drive some 25 kilometers more to find Paso Real, the entrance to the Coto Brus Valley. Take a sharp left turn at the Paso Real sign, crossing the bridge at Río Térraba; San Vito is 46 kilometers after the bridge. Once in San Vito, take the fork in front of the city¹s park; Las Cruces is some 5 kilometers south of San Vito. Look for the Wilson Garden/Las Cruces Biological Station.

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Las Cruces Staff Directory (Phone: (506)2773-4004)

Department Position Name e-Mail ext
Station Direction        
  Station Director  Rebecca Cole rebecca.cole @ tropicalstudies.org 3100
  Station Administrator Emilce Ramírez emilce.ramirez @ tropicalstudies.org 3200
  Accountant Anabelle Otárola Pérez
anabelle.otarola @ tropicalstudies.org 3210
  Administrative Assistant Maricel Gómez Araya maricel.gomez @ tropicalstudies.org 3220
Science and Education        
  Head of educational groups and logistics research Rodolfo Quirós rodolfo.quiros @ tropicalstudies.org 3110
  Naturalist Guide Jeisson Figueroa
jeisson.figueroa @ tropicalstudies.org 3120
  Head of Extension, Environmental Education and Sustainability
Carla Azofeifa carla.azofeifa @ tropicalstudies.org 3107
  Head of Shop and Reception
Lisbeth Jiménez recepcion.lc @ tropicalstudies.org 3000
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