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Telephone: (506) 2766 6565
Fax: (506) 2766-6535
Email: infoweb @ tropicalstudies.org
Telephone and e-mail directory of La Selva See organization chart

La Selva is at 1.5 hrs drive from San José. Take the Guápiles Highway through Braulio Carrillo National Park. After approximately 35-45 minutes of driving, you will pass over the Río Sucio. Continue for 7 km, turn left following the sign to Puerto Viejo, and continue for approximately 30 km more. The La Selva entrance is 3 km south of Puerto Viejo de Sarapiquí.

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La Selva Staff Directory (Phone: (506)2766-6565)

Department Position Name E-mail Ext:
Station Direction        
  Station Director  Carlos de la Rosa carlos.delarosa @ tropicalstudies.org 124
General Administration        
  Financial and Commercial Administrator Charles Acuña Salazar charles.acuna @ tropicalstudies.org 108
  Administrator of General Services & Projects for Biodiversity Information Enrique Alonso Castro Fonseca enrique.castro @ tropicalstudies.org 102
Academics Group and Sustainable Development        
  Head of Academic Groups and Environmental Development  Kenneth Alfaro  González kenneth.alfaro @ tropicalstudies.org 107
  Academics Groups and Environmental Development Assistant Alberth Ureña Loría alberth.urena @ tropicalstudies.org 107
  Head  of Laboratory  Bernal Matarrita Carranza bernal.matarrita @ tropicalstudies.org 169
  Head of Scientific Operations Orlando Vargas Ramírez orlando.vargas @ tropicalstudies.org 154
  Scientific Projects and Herbarium Assistant  Marisol Luna Martínez marisol.luna @ tropicalstudies.org  176
  Laboratory Technician  Danilo Brenes Madrigal danilo.brenes @ tropicalstudies.org  169
Natural History        
  Naturalist Guide Jorge Roa
jorge.roa @ tropicalstudies.org
  Naturalist Guide Joel Alvarado joel.alvarado @ tropicalstudies.org 139
 Naturalist GuideOctavio Ruiz Chavarriaoctavio.ruiz @ tropicalstudies.org139
  Naturalist Guide Yahaira Rojas
yahaira.rojas @ tropicalstudies.org 139
Environmental Education        
  Head of Environmental and Extension Education     112
  Head of Accounting Adriana Molina Blanco adriana.molina @ tropicalstudies.org 115
  Accounting Assistant Alberth Sánchez González alberth.sanchez @ tropicalstudies.org 105
  Informatic Assistant Yeiris Borge González yeiris.borge @ tropicalstudies.org 166
  Bilingual Receptionist  Henry Alvarado Chavarria henry.alvarado @ tropicalstudies.org 110/111
  Bilingual Receptionist  Maycol Oconitrillo Villareal maycol.oconitrillo @ tropicalstudies.org   110/111
  Reception  Reception  recepcion.ls @ tropicalstudies.org  110/111
  Head of Food and Beverages  Katia Campos Rojas kattia.campos @ tropicalstudies.org 190/113
  Supervisor of Foresters Antonio Ezeta Salicetti antonio.ezeta @ tropicalstudies.org 152
  Head of Maintenance  Canuto Muñoz Briones
canuto.munoz @ tropicalstudies.org 117
Reservation and Lodging        
  Head of Administrative Operations Carmen Ramos Bonilla carmen.ramos @ tropicalstudies.org 109
  Head of Transportation José Walter Leiton  jose.leiton @ tropicalstudies.org 177
  Head of Cleaning Ana López Solorzano ana.lopez @ tropicalstudies.org 159
CARBONO Project         
  Expert on Forest Ecology Leonel Campos Otoya leonel.campos @ tropicalstudies.org  167
  Protocol Hojarasca Expert  Gilberth Hurtado Flores   132
  Forest Ecology Expert  William Miranda Conejo william.miranda @ tropicalstudies.org  167
 CICLOS Project         
  Project Assistant Danilo Villegas Arias danilo.villegas @ tropicalstudies.org  
  Project Auxiliary Vinicio Paniagua Alfaro vinicio.paniagua @ tropicalstudies.org  137
Plántulas Project        
  Specialist Quality Protocol Ademar Hurtado Flores ademar.hurtado @ tropicalstudies.org  127
   Project Auxiliary Marcos Molina González marcos.molina @ tropicalstudies.org  127
STREAM Project         
  Head of Project Minor Hidalgo Oconitrillo minor.hidalgo @ tropicalstudies.org  
DIETS Project
  Project Assistant Juan Gabriel Reyes Huertas juan.reyes @ tropicalstudies.org
  Project Assistant Reyder Mesen Ortiz
  Project Assistant Melissa Sánchez González melissa.sanches @ tropicalstudies.org  
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