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Articles on OTS History, Historical Documents, and the Obituaries of OTS Founders and other Personages Involved with OTS

  1. 1957 May - Report on proposed center for tropical studies, issued by the University of Michigan. Letter by Dr. Theodore H. Hubbell, Chairman.
  2. 1964 December 18 - Letter from T. Hubbel, University of Michigan to Botany Department, Duke University on Importance of OTS.
  3. 1967 Article on The Organization for Tropical Studies by Theodore Hubbell, University of Michigan. BioScience, Vol. 7, No. 4, pp 236-240.
  4. 1967 January 17 - Letter from James Bethel to Donald Stone on state of OTS consortium w attachment.
  5. 1967 November 24 - Report to Provost, Duke University, from Donald Stone on OTS November 11-12, 1967 Meeting.
  6. 1970 May 21 - packet to OTS Executive Committee from Donald Stone on Duke University accrediting OTS graduate courses.
  7. 1973, March 21 - Letter from Donald Stone requesting scholarship support from Duke due to loss of NSF funding for grad courses.
  8. 1988 Article on The Organization for Tropical Studies, A Success Story in Graduate Training and Research, by Donald Stone, Trop. Forestry.
  9. 2002. Evolution of the Organization for Tropical Studies by Leslie J. Burlingame.
  10. 2008 Article on founding of OTS, Present at the Pre-Conception, Conception, and Birth a Personal Perspective by Jay Savage.
  11. In Memoriam: “Dean Emeritus, Dr. James Bethel, 1915-1999” (University of Washington) and “Joseph M. Reynolds, 1924-1997” (Louisiana State University). Dr. James Bethel and Dr. Joseph Reynolds were founding fathers of OTS.
  12. In Memoriam: “Jorge R. Campabadal, M., 1936–1989,” an article by Dr. Allen M. Young, Milwaukee Public Museum. Article was never published; given to OTS in May, 1990. Jorge Campabadal was OTS’ first administrator in Costa Rica.
  13. In Memoriam “Dr. Reed Rollins, 1911–1998.” Dr. Rollins, Harvard University, was a founding father of OTS.
  14. In Memoriam: “Dr. Stephen Spurr, 1936 -2008,” New York Times obituary. Dr. Spurr, University of Michigan, was a founding father of OTS.
  15. In Memoriam - Las Cruces Director Luis Diego Gómez 1944 - 2009
  16. In Memoriam: “Dr. Hugh Popenoe, 1929-2011.” Dr. Popenoe, University of Florida, participated as an observer in the meetings establishing OTS.
  17. In Memoriam: “Dr. Donald E. Stone, 1930-2011.” Dr. Stone, Duke University, was a faculty participant in an OTS course in 1966, a delegate for Duke University and later a member of the OTS board of Directors. Dr. Stone became OTS’ Executive Director in 1976 and held that position until he retired from OTS in 1996. Dr. Stone was a member of the OTS Board of Visitors in 2000 and returned as Executive Director from 2004-2005. 
  18. In Memoriam - OTS Board Member Richard F  Fisher Jr 1941 - 2012
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