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ECO-Tips OTS... Energy.

  1. Change to energy efficient light bulbs. This reduces the consumption between 20-100 kg of CO2 yearly in the atmosphere, for each light bulb, according to the kind of electricity generation source. More information here
  2. Take advantage of the sun and avoid the use of clothes dryer. How much energy do electronic devices consume per month? More information here
  3. Disconnect electronic devices (including PC monitors) when they are not in use, even the cell phone’s battery charger consumes energy if it stays plugged in. See details here

Test your knowledge! ECO-Tips OTS - ENERGY


ECO-Tips OTS... Water.

  1. Place a brick or heavy object inside the tank of the toilet to reduce water consumption in each discharge. Since each flush you give to the toilet requires between 6 and 10 liters of water. Read more about the water problem in the world here
  2. Don’t waste water: turn off the faucet while washing, shaving, or brushing your teeth. Anytime you leave water running from the faucet you waste around 6 liters of water. More information about water consumed at home here
  3. Use the washing machine in its full capacity. Washing small loads represent an unnecessary waste of water.  
    Costa Rica stands among the 15 countries that consume more water per capita in the world. More information
  4. Reduce the time you spend under the shower. For each minute reduced while taking a shower, you will save 12 liters of water. More information about water consumption at home here 

Test your knowledge! ECO-Tips OTS - WATER


ECO-Tips OTS... Waste and pollution.

  1. Paper, plastic, glass, and metals are not garbage; take them to the closest recycling center. The garbage decomposition in Costa Rica releases around of 1.5 million tons of CO2 and more than 30 000 tons of methane a year. More information here
  2. Reduce paper consumption or use recycled paper (this will increase its demand). To produce 1 ton of recycled paper, no trees will be cut down, and there will be a reduction of 89% from the total amount of water used in the process. More information here
  3. Choose recyclable glass bottles and avoid disposable containers. Decline excess plastic bags. Reuse bottles so you don’t need new ones. In our planet we produce each year around 100 million tons of plastic and around 10% end up in the ocean. See details here
  4. Avoid disposable batteries. It is recommended to use rechargeable ones. Before throwing away a battery put it into a bottle and seal it to avoid water pollution through its hazardous liquids. Never burn or bury it. More information here 
Test your knowledge! ECO-Tips OTS - WASTE AND POLLUTION


ECO-Tips OTS... Climate change.

  1. Reduce your garbage at least 10%, which means lesser kilograms of CO2 in our atmosphere per year. According to NASA and the World Meteorological Organization records, 2010 was the hottest year, within the last 130. More information here
  2. void sprays, use instead natural options to aromatize such as: dry flowers, cinnamon sticks, violet roots. Avoid using air conditioning. Worldwide greenhouse gas emissions generated by humans increased around 70% between 1970 and 2004. More information here
  3. Use public transportation (buses, cabs), ride bicycle or walk. Around 38% of fuel usage in Costa Rica comes from personal vehicle use in the capital. See details
  4. Maintain your car in good condition. Fill the tires with the correct amount of air so you can save 3% of fuel per kilometer. More advice on how to save fuel here 

Test your knowledge! ECO-Tips OTS - Climate change

Last Updated ( 09/16/11 )
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