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Las Alturas Biological Station

Las Alturas is a satellite biological field station that is administered by Las Cruces. The station is located at 1500 m asl (8° 56' 43’’ N, 82° 50' 00’’ W) and is 36 km from LCBS by road (1 hour drive). The field station is part of a privately owned and administrated reserve and organic farm incorporating some 10,000 ha of land that ranges in elevation from 1100 to 2200 m. The vast majority of the property is primary forest that has received minimal disturbance in modern times, although some historical selective logging occurred in some parts of the reserve. The area is home to a highly diverse and intact flora and fauna that includes many endemic species.

The property abuts La Amistad International Biosphere reserve and Las Tablas, allowing access to one of the largest protected areas in Central America (almost 500,000 ha divided between Costa Rica and Panama). La Amistad is also one of the least studied and remote regions in Central America. That said, since the Las Alturas Biological Station was founded in the late 1980s by Stanford University, more than 100 publications have emerged:

Las Alturas Biological Station Bibliography (for full record see BINABITROP) ( PDF document 108 kb ) Las Alturas Biological Station at night

The Las Alturas Biological Station is a rustic field station that is directly adjacent to the primary forest of the Amistad Biosphere Reserve. The station provides accommodations for up to 27 visitors in a dorm-style setting. A generator provides electricity when needed (it is turned off at night after 9PM) and water is provided from a nearby spring. A kitchen is incorporated in the main building of the station and meals can be provided by a cook from the local community, or visiting groups/researchers can opt to cook for themselves. For further information on Las Alturas, rates for visits, and reservations, please contact the Las Cruces Biological Station [infoweb @ tropicalstudies.org; or tel. (506) 2773-4004].

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