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The Science Committee is to provide leadership, guidance, and support to OTS’ research mission.  It has a leadership role in identifying critical emerging research areas in tropical studies, and coordinating with the Directors of the Biological Research Stations to develop the support necessary to advance those areas.  The Science Committee provides guidance for appropriate infrastructure, including information technology, at the biological research stations, and on OTS-wide research policies.  The Science Committee works to enable effective scientific collaboration across the broader research community, with the Assembly of Delegates, Board of Directors, other committees, and with OTS staff.  The elected Vice-chairs for Research and Informatics co-chair the Science Committee.


Susan Cordell, Co-Chair
Chair, Research Committee
USDA Forest Service

Bryan Heidorn, Co-Chair
Chair, Informatics Committee
University of Arizona

Elisabeth Arevalo
Providence College

Christina Chinchilla-Soto
University of Costa Rica

Christopher Dick
Michigan State University

Kenneth Feeley
Florida International University

Benjamin Lintner
Rutgers University

Jennifer Powers
University of Minnesota

Jennifer Swenson
Duke University

Chelsea Ward
Auburn University-Montgomery

Steve Paton
Smithsonian Institution

Eben Broadbent
University of Florida

James Hamrick, ex-officio
Chair, Palo Verde Advisory Committee
University of Georgia

John Kress, ex-officio
Chair, Board of Directors
Chair, Audit Committee
Chair, Human Resources Committee
Chair, Las Cruces Advisory Committee
Smithsonian Institution

Cesar Nufio, ex-officio
Chair, Education Committee
University of Colorado

Steve Oberbauer, ex-officio
Chair, La Selva Advisory Committee
Florida International University

Rebecca Cole, ex-officio
Director, Las Cruces Station & Wilson Biological Gardens, OTS

Carlos de la Rosa, ex-officio
Director, La Selva Biological Research Station, OTS

Mahmood Sasa, ex-officio
Director, Palo Verde Biological Station, OTS

Last Updated ( 01/26/18 )
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