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Moore Foundation Capacity building for biodiversity conservation in Andes-Amazon

The ESP program is committed to the building of in-country capacity at individual and institutional levels. This project combines in-situ field-based training of individuals with responsibility for or authority over biodiversity conservation and natural resource management with training, tools, and knowledge aimed at strengthening national institutions ability to serve their own training needs drawing on the experience of OTS and other providers.

The Andes-Amazon Initiative of the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation is supporting OTS to build capacity in the region for the training of two critical groups of in-stream professionals who affect conservation outcomes in the region.

  • Protected areas managers
  • Decision makers

Project components:

  • Training for protected areas managers, decision makers, and trainers in Andes-Amazonia
  • Tools to assist national institutions in delivery of training adapted to their needs
  • Knowledge to guide future training effort

See the Andes-Amazon Initiative Scholarships & Courses site for information on related capacity building efforts supported by this program of the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation

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