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Andean Region

OTS has delivered a variety of education and training opportunities in Peru including for graduate students, decision makers and protected areas managers.

Recently OTS conducted a needs assessment for public sector training related to protected areas in several Andean countries which led to a new project in the Andes focused on catalyzing an alliance of Andean institutions to provide public sector training. The project to form the Andes Alliance for Landscape Conservation and Management is supported by the Andes-Amazon Initiative of the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation. The project will see delivery of collaborative courses among Andes institutions as well as training for trainers activity and the formation of an independent NGO to support the operations of the alliance.


OTS has collaborated in Brazil with the Biological Dynamics of Forest Fragments Project (BDFFP) to provide decision maker training and graduate education.


GPP is engaged in a variety of projects with a base in Peru. Most of these are courses such as an annual course for graduate students on the Ecology of Amazonian Ecosystems and Global Change. GPP is also engaged in a project to deliver training for both graduate students and conservation professionals through its Conservation Science and Practice project– a course that bridges the gap between the theoretical foundations of conservation and the practical demands of management for scientific information and tools.

Other projects have included training for decision makers at national and regional levels within Peru as well as protected areas managers from the region.

GPP will again offer in Peru its Wildlands Management in the Tropics course targeted at protected areas managers and senior technical staff from Amazonian countries. In addition, Peru hosts staff associated with the Andes-wide Alliance for Landscape Conservation and Management, focused on linking institutions of the region into an autonomous network for education and training in support of conservation.

Linked to both the Conservation Science and Practice and Andes Alliance projects are training for trainers courses for faculty from participating institutions to strengthen their capacity to deliver field-based training for different audiences on conservation related themes.

Partners in these projects include The Nature Conservancy, Cayetano-Heredia University, The American Museum of Natural History, Conservation International, Yale University, and the University of Florida.

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