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The Informatics Committee provides guidance for appropriate infrastructure, including information technology, at OTS research stations, and on OTS-wide research policies.

Bryan Heidorn, Chair
Co-Chair, Science Committee
University of Arizona

Eben Broadbent
University of Alabama

James Hamrick, ex-officio
Chair, Palo Verde Advisory Committee
University of Georgia

John Kress, ex-officio
Chair, Board of Directors
Chair, Audit Committee
Chair, Human Resources Committee
Chair, Las Cruces Advisory Committee
Smithsonian Institution

Cesar Nufio, ex-officio
Chair, Education Committee
University of Colorado

Steve Oberbauer, ex-officio
Chair, La Selva Advisory Committee
Florida International University

Steve Paton
Smithsonian Institution

Jennifer Swenson
Duke University

Rebecca Cole, ex-officio
Director, Las Cruces Station & Wilson Biological Gardens, OTS

Carlos de la Rosa, ex-officio
Director, La Selva Biological Research Station, OTS

Mahmood Sasa, ex-officio
Director, Palo Verde Biological Station, OTS
Last Updated ( 01/25/18 )
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