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Costa Rica offers unusually rich opportunities for research thanks to the extraordinary biological and physiographic diversity, scientific infrastructure, stable government, and strong societal support of education and conservation.

OTS fosters and facilitates research in a number of ways. Most researchers rely on the organization's logistical support to pursue independent projects at OTS biological stations or at one of the many parks or protected areas. On several larger ecosystem-level projects, OTS is actively involved in forming teams of local and international scientific collaborators. Where projects require a long-term commitment, OTS is often the financial and administrative manager.

OTS maintains three biological stations in Costa Rica to facilitate research: La Selva Biological Station, tropical wet forest in the Caribbean lowlands of northern Costa Rica; Las Cruces Biological Station and the Wilson Botanical Garden, premontane wet forest on the Pacific watershed of southeastern Costa Rica; and Palo Verde Biological Station, deciduous dry forest on the Pacific coastal plain of northwestern Costa Rica.

A number of OTS fellowships are available to graduate students (one is available to applicants at other levels as well) wishing to pursue thesis research at the OTS Biological Stations.

All new researchers need to register themselves and their projects in our research database in order to request authorization to conduct research at the OTS stations and make reservations.

Organization for Tropical Studies
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